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 Anyplace Wild in the Adirondacks
by William J. O'Hern

Anyplace Wild in the Adirondacks
Original. Distinctive design. High quality. Limited edition. Collectable Postcard Book.

Anyplace Wild contains 20 historic tear-out postcards created from rare photographs. The vintage scenes of Americana show outdoor life in the Adirondacks, and Thirteen of the postcards feature classic photographs of Noah John Rondeau with visitors at his Cold River Hermitage.

Pleasing 4-color, sepia-toned, glossy postcards reflect the age and charm of the photographic images.

Specially Priced for a limited time
Regularly $10.00, buy now for $5.95 ea. or buy 2 or more for $3.95 ea.
Available now from The Forager Press Adirondack Bookstore

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